1891: Pillar Point Was The Back Door (3)

In 1891–as today–Pillar Point cast its dramatic shadow over the northern part of the crescent shaped bay. This was a very old cliff, a familiar landmark standing guard, towering some 180 feet above the Pacific Ocean–where coastal steamers anchored during the summer months, the safest time of year.

But some began to fear that Pillar Point was just the place where an enemy fleet might anchor and come ashore, then march all the way to San Francisco, capturing the city with little or no resistance.

These worriers suggested that “proper fortifications” be established atop Pillar Point to prevent such a catastrophe.

The locals in Half Moon Bay said they had heard this before but in the 1890s the argument “for” had gained fresh support.

Pillar Point was described as San Francisco’s “back door,” a point that invited attack.

…to be continued…

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