1891: Pillar Point Was The Back Door (5)

There were those who wanted to see fortifications built at Pillar Point because they believed the combination of a calm sea and smooth beach would make it easy for a large enemy force to land quickly.

“There is no beach,” said one unidentified source, “on the coast better fitted for such a purpose than that of Half Moon Bay.”

Using steam launches and electric lights, the source added, a landing in could be accomplished at night. “By keeping the gangways going on each side, 1000 men could be discharged in an hour from one vessel alone.”

Other estimates concluded that three hours would be needed to disembark a calvary regiment, that is, men on horses–as the horses would have to be hoisted over the side. Field artillery, stowed in sections, could be handled rapidly as ordinary freight and set up on the beach in short order.

Once the enemy reached shore, the rest would be easy.

…to be continued…

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