1960s Review Article: Lots of Divers On the Coastside (1)


From the “Half Moon Bay Review,” 1960s.

“A steady increase in skin-diving activity on the San Mateo County coastside has been shown in a survey of the sport by the Review.

“Among the popular spots for the skin-divers are the Reef Point area near Moss Beach, the breakwater area in Half Moon Bay, San Gregorio area and Ano Nuevo not far from Pigeon Point lighthouse.

“Some of the skin-divers may be seen on almost any weekend with their diving apparatus. They usually dive in pairs or larger groups.

“A steady increase in the number of skin-divers has been observed in the last three years. A high proportion are college students. Some are professional men. One well known orthodontist of San Mateo has been skin-diving regularly on the coastside for several years. In San Mateo, a school exists for those who desire instruction in the activity.

“‘Rapture of the Deep’,” the weird underwater killer that can lure a man to his death while he feels only the sensation of being drunk, came in for serious discussion at a University of California meeting recently..

..to be continued..

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