1945: Army Hears Evidence For Breakwater (3)

From the “Half Moon Bay Review,” 1945

“The annual catch of sardines and market fish in the grounds off this area was computed at 621,800,000 pounds with a value of $4, 590,000 given to the sardine catch alone.

“The meeting was then taken over by [California Chamber of Commerce Fred C.] Tatton and [Half Moon Bay Bank of America official Chas.] O’Brien, who presented a communication from the International Fishermen and Allied Workers joint council which endorsed the plan. Victor B. Martin, executive secretary of this organization, appeared to supplement this endorsement and Mervin Rathborne, secretary of the California CIO council, who made known the support of that labor group.

“…missing a few sentences, my apologies.

” Charles White outlined the purpose of the harbor in lessening navigation dangers and revealed that 81 boats have been lost off the fishing grounds during the last 10 years. Fourteen boats went aground in the present harbor last year because of southerly blows, he said. White set the value of the purse seiner fleet which could utilize the harbor at $12,000,000 and said that from 8000 to 10,000 men are employed in this trade in the area between Monterey and San Francisco. Other purse seiner fleets add to this value in season, coming from as far as San Diego and Astoria, he said.”

…to be continued…

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