1945: Army Hears Evidence For Coast Breakwater (2)

From the “Half Moon Bay Review,” 1945

“District Engineer K.M. Moore presided at the official hearing which continued through the day and will study and submit for federal review the submitted statements, charts, construction plans, and supporting recommendations, together with a verbatim transcript of the entire hearing….

“The case on behalf of the project was presented jointly by Chas. W. O’Brien, Half Moon Bay Bank of America executive and general chairman of the Pillar Point Breakwater committee, and Fred C. Tatton, Mgr. Central Coast District of the California State Chamber of Commerce…

“Colonel Moore prefaced proceedings by reading communications of endorsement from Pacific Coast Purse Seiners’ association and from the California State Fish and Game Commission. The latter body cited the advantages of the project for the coast fishing industry and declared heaviest commercial and best fishing grounds for the north central coast lie between Pigeon Point on the south and Point Montara on the north. It declared Half Moon Bay to be one of the most desirable harbor points on the coast and recommended it as an intermediary point of unloading between Monterey and San Francisco, strongly recommending the harbor proposal in full.”

..to be continued…

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