1945: Army Hears Evidence For Coast Breakwater

From the “Half Moon Bay Review,” 1945

“Presenting a powerful array of factual evidence substantiated by expert testimony and backed by the endorsements of recommendations of literally scores of commercial, industrial, labor, sportsmens and civic organizations, the case for construction of a harbor breakwater at the northern end of Half Moon Bay was placed before the United States district engineers in Half Moon Bay…

“More than 250 representatives of the various groups appeared at the Half Moon Bay high school for the public hearing called by the war department to examine the merits, advantages and benefits to be derived from the long sought and long dreamed harbor project.

“Written statements were provided for study by the government officials, and oral presentations were made covering half a hundred phrases of the proposal. The statements covered the topics and subtopics of industrial fishing, navigational safety, economic advantages, improvement of sporting and recreational facilities, storm refuge for small craft, labor-saving, time-saving, air and sea rescue service, soil erosion, enhancement of land values and tax accruals.”

..to be continued…

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