1960s: “Water is major Coastside problem if there is influx of people.”

“Tarrat tells C of C Luncheon.”

From Half Moon Bay Review, 1960s

“Water is a major problem if there is an influx of people into this area,” said Henry Tarratt,  county director of building and property, at a meeting of the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce last week.

“Tarratt indicated that the water problem could be solved locally but stressed that ‘urbanization is coming, and if everyone works together, it can be pleasing’.

“‘I hope it will be possible to avoid anything that will make a radical disturbance,’ he added. Tarratt was introduced by Jack Kendree, a Doelger Co. official, who served as program chairman at the meeting. J.D. Maytubby presided.

“Commenting on the relationship of the coastal area and the county, the speaker said:

“1. The board of supervisors does not want to dictate. It wants to assist the people and would like to hear from them.

“2. ‘The assistance can be in planning, police, health and other county service matters.  As an example. he used the county radio communication service which is being used here.

“3. The Half Moon Bay area hospital project could not be supported as a second county hospital. Population is not large enough here.

“4. While some agencies of the county can be decentralized, others are too expensive to decentralize.

“5. In the future, the county expects to build a county government center in conjunction with the city of Half Moon Bay on the Casinelli ranch. The sum of $20,000 is available for the land and $5,000 for the planning. The figures were given in answer to a request made by Tom Callan, a former supervisor who was present at the meeting.

“6. The delay in construction of a county building at the edge of Half Moon Bay is caused by litigation and mineral rights involving the Casinelli holdings. The building would house new library, health and welfare and other county offices.

“7. The State of California does not agree with the county on the development of water resources. The state cannot combine water with recreation. It is not a dead issue but one that will be ultimately worked out.

Alvin S. Hatch, also a former supervisor, was present at the meeting. He inquired if the county administration planned to locate any jails in the coast region.”

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