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Sport Crab On Thanksgiving by Fran “Buzz” Young

Crab On Huli Cat With Matt

Son Matt had a chance to go on a ship that I couldn’t bark orders to him on, so he jumped at the opportunity Thanksgiving morning.

What a great day on the water it was indeed! Limits for 15 Thankful Sport fishermen and an agreeable King Neptune giving us a large but well spaced swell– and a chance to watch the folks at Maverick’s do the crazy stuff they do, (I used to get wet for fun until I bought a boat)

Matt loaded bait jars, Gary ran the block, Dennis check and counted; I didn’t remember everyone else’s names… I’m stuffed, I think Matt could get used to not having to clean up the boat; I liked the fact I went right past the fuel dock, now if I could only do something about my dock rent.

Francis (Brother Buzz) Young

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Nice Tall ships at B & C Docks, Pillar Point Harbor


Coming soon, Brother Buzz Slows down enough to be painted!!! FLYII

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