April 1, 1946 Eastern Aleutian Is. Tsunami Damage…

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April 1, 1946 Eastern Aleutian Is. Tsunami Damage along the Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California coasts

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Location Amplitude (m) Damage Summary
Unga, AK 0.8 Dock and boats washed away.
Ikatan, AK ? Several homes washed away, Pankof light destroyed.
Sanak, AK 6.1 Boats beached, some houses destroyed.
Scotch Cap, Unimak I., AK 35 Five drowned. Lighthouse destroyed. Antenna 105 feet above sea level washed away. Radio station flooded.
Dutch Harbor, AK ? Ferrys carried away, docks damaged.
Nikolski, AK up to 12.2 Nine baraboras washed away
Taholah, WA 1.5 Five foot surge up Quinalt River swamped boats and damaged fishing nets.
Seaside, OR 1.2 Boats and log float swept away in Necanicum River.
Gold Beach, OR ? Sixty-foot float endangered. Slight damage at Winchuck River.
Noyo River Mouth, CA 1.4 Many boats broke from moorings, several near drownings.
Drakes Bay, CA 2.6 Crab pots rolled over, rowboat capsized.
Princeton, CA 2.6 Much damage. Houses flooded, quarter mile inundation, boats beached, dock damaged, $20K damage.
Santa Cruz, CA 1.5 One drowned. Minor damage.
Port Hueneme, CA 0.8 Sand swept over railroad tracks.
Santa Catalina I., CA ? Baseball field inundated, pier swept away.

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