…The Tragedy of “The Daisy” …….

Story by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,

You probably have heard of “The Daisy,” the sailboat that sank off the Golden Gate?

One of the bodies washed up at Fitzgerald Reserve, and we’ve been nervous that the other body would turn up during one of our travels. Well, on Thursday we visited Invisible Beach ,and I found a broken, fancy teak door that hadn’t been in the water long.

(We also saw a sick Harbor Seal that we almost stepped on without disturbing it. It was breathing, but was unresponsive. Meg went back this morning to check on it– Marine Mammal Center usually isn’t interested unless they are wounded– and it was gone.

However, there were several more large pieces of a boat deck and cabin. There was also a Coast Guard Data Logger, (looks like a four foot long orange rocket) She dropped it off at the Pescadero Fire Station.

I just looked up an article on “The Daisy.” Sadly, it would seem the remnants are from it.

For Sfgate.com’s story on the tragedy of “The Daisy,” please click here

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