1960s: County Purchases Beach Property

“County to Purchase Beach Property Near Reef Point in Moss Beach; To Preserve Area for Science Studies”

Half Moon Bay Review, 1960s (unsure of date)

“A mile-long stretch of beach front along the reef dotted coastline is being acquired by San Mateo County for a marine reserve.

“The reason, explained the County Board of Supervisors, in authorizing the acquisition, is to provide a protected area where the marine resources can grow.

“Support for the project has been given by Supervisor Jean Fassler. The original plan for the project was presented by the technical staff of the San Mateo County Planning Commission some time ago. The commission then presented it to the board of supervisors.

“One point they cited was the fact that abalone, a choice gourmet seafood, is rapidly disappearing because of lack of protection.

“The area involved covers the frontal surf areas of both Montara and Moss Beach and is actually an expansion of the initial county proposal to provide public access to Nye’s beach.

“But with 175 petitions urging more public access and greater protection of Reef Point and Nye’s Beach, the supervisors decided to acquire additional lands along the beachfront. Most of the property is between the southern end of the Montara Sanitary District land and Cypress Avenue in Moss Beach.

“County Acquisition Agent Robert Friday said little land will be taken away from the beach other than to provide access.

“The idea is to leave the area in virtually its natural state while still providing a beach area for the county’s burgeoning population.

“Financing of the plan will be aided by funds from the federal open-space program.”

Development calls for only a marine reserve rather than a park. Plans call for parking, sanitary facilities and perhaps a marine walkway on the bluff.

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