Mich Cato Remembers a Character-filled Princeton

Story by Mich Cato

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Hi June,

I was very pleased to come across your website about Princeton-b-t-S. My husband and I lived there from 1975 for a couple of years or so and have fond memories of Tom Anderson’s Market, Crab Cottage(where I worked as a cook), Noah, Marjorie and Leah Smith, the Ship’s Chandlery run by Chet Salisbury (just behind Tom’s Market) and the Princeton Inn, including Ron and his 2 basengis, Hot Pants & Respect!!  There were many ;interesting characters including Butch and Warren.

When did the Crab Cottage burn down?  I was wondering what had happened to it as it and the Nissen Hut have disappeared from the site when I googled them.


I also remember Bob La Voy who had a sculpture studio next door-ish to Tom’s Market.  Noah Smith (Leah’s dad) was a great character.  Do you remember him riding around on his bmw bike in his Greek fisherman’s hat? I did keep in touch with him for a  couple of years after he and Marjorie moved back to Pismo Beach, I know Marjorie died, and I believe Noah has since died too.  My ex husband Bryan still lives in Bay area (Alameda) but I came back to the UK in 1977.  The sign in Princeton said POP 50 when I was there!

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