Dear Tom (Monaghan)

Hi Tom-It doesn’t seem that long, but it’s been 30 years or so since  I’ve seen you.

Most of the old group is still around.Bob Garretson is in Tuscon, Farris Wilson is in Hawaii living in a garage,doing care-taking on some Religious  compound and rasing Tropical Plants??.

Mack Klepper took his own life in 2007, after his second round of Brain Turmors. What is strange: Farris went thru the same thing ,twice,at the same times, and all 3 of us shared studio  #3  at 89 Portola [in El Granada] during the late 60’s.which had me worried for a while.

Joe Doscher and Ann Marie are living in  Sacramento, Joe still sings a “Danny Boy “ that has everyone in the audience crying.

The last time I saw Steve Clark, was at the Maple Leaf Inn up the North Fork of the Feather River, where he was cooking and had a “ Crew, Cut.”

I still get to the  Coast every year or so and really miss my Breakfast  Stop of Choice: “The Crab Cottage” .

Good to see you’re still around-Best-Gray

Gray Gardner

OE Sales and Engineering Manager

Taylor Cable Products, Inc.

301 Highgrove Road

Grandview, MO  64030

[email protected]

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