Tom Monaghan: From the Crab Cottage Back to Exotic Abalone

Tom Monaghan came to my book signing (Princeton by the Sea, published by Arcadia)  at Kevin Magee’s  Bay Book store in Half Moon Bay in 2007.


Tom was there with his Mom, and he gave me a lovely necklace on a cord. The pendant was made of abalone in the shape of a half moon. Beautiful!

In the 1970s Tom, an abalone diver, owned the legendary Crab Cottage (CC), once the center of social life in the funky fishing village of Princeton.  The CC was the ultimate breakfast place and home to the occasional “moving on” party. I’ve told you about those—anyone who tried to “move on” ended up “moving back.”

We who were here then call it the “magical time.”

Today Tom Monaghan has returned to his abalone roots but in a different way.  Love his goldengateabalone website designed by Coastside artist Deb Wong.

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