Interesting Old Documents

When I was first “researching” the Coastside’ history, specifically the Miramar Beach Inn, I also found what looks like old deed information relating to Princeton. I say, Princeton, because the Patroni family is mentioned and that was eventual location of their restaurant. I cannot tell which county department this came from, but it’s interesting, nonetheless. 

Some of the names you will see I’ve written about, like James Peace, said to be the first white man in Princeton. Here goes:

James Peace, Vol. 1, page 150, October 12, 1890

Augusta Patroni, September 11, 1916, Vol. 5, Page 70

Giaccomi Patroni, Vol. 5, page 188

Christina Patroni, November 22, 1943, Vol. 29, #1087

Giovanni Patroni, June 9, 1946, Vol. 32, page 624

Giovanni Patroni, January 18, 1921 #79931

Bank of Half Moon Bay Title Deed

Volume 2, Official Records, Page 475

January 2, 1921 #89972

Giovanni Patroni

Shoreline Investment Co.

Deed Volume 5, Official Records

January 25, 1921, # 80072

Giovanni Patroni, etal

L.H.  Wiegal  Deed

Official Records Vol 5, page 439

[This of interest because the Wiegels lived in El Granada and at U.C. Berkeley there is a special water department named after the Wiegels. Dr. Wiegel was alived= a year ago; it was his father who had lived in El Granada.]


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