Susan Morgan: Here’s my “Cake of the Week”

Well, Susan, this one is definitely male-oriented.


Says special Princeton-by-theSeal cake maker Susan Morgan: Celebrate this Father’s day or any special event with our Cheese-caka-burger! We’ve taken our vanilla cheesecake with lemon and orange zest on a butter cookie crust and camouflaged this as America’s favorite food with all its condiments! We are offering free shipping on the first 15 orders received. That’s a $45 value! Grab this masculine delight quickly and save.

Price: $130 shipping is free!

For more iinfo, visit Susan’s site, please click here

Note: I’ve met Susan Morgan a couple of times in her setting in Princeton, and she’s a real person. By that I mean approachable, funny, and someone I felt comfortable talking with. The funniest thing Susan me was that in a prior career, she had been the “kotex” sales lady. It’s always refreshing to meet what I call “real” people. And her cakes are really good. You gotta try a Susan Morgan ┬ácake, and then you tell me what you think. Every time I’ve had one at the house for a special occasion, there’s nothing left for me!

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