Susan Morgan: Who’s birthday did you forget last month?

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Who’s birthday did you forget last month?

Not to worry!  We’ve got you covered with

the best belated birthday gift on the planet…

Our Ultimate Pleaser shipped in 48 hours!

Dear Cheesecake Lover,

I suspect I’m a lot like you.

Despite my best intentions, there are always two or three birthdays each year that I forget.

That’s why I’ve created the best birthday gift on the planet:   The Ultimate Pleaser, a bittersweet white raspberry swirl cheesecake on a chocolate macadamia nut crust!

Not only will the belated-birthday boy or girl love it, you’ll love it too.

Two reasons:

1.  Because we do all the work for you, and

2. For a price that you can’t beat.  Just $65 plus shipping and we will throw in a customized tag for free! A $5 value!

By simply clicking the link below, we rush out for your Ultimate Pleaser  for next day arrival.

That way you’ll not only make up for your mistake but also send them a sweet memory they’ll love you for.

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t let another day go by.

We’ll rush out your cake as soon as we hear from you and your friend will love you for it–I guarantee it.


Susan Morgan

Elegant Cheesecakes

For more info, please click here

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