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Hi June,
This article, advertising San Pedro Terrace-By-The-Sea, appeared in the February 22, 1908 issue of the “San Francisco Call.” Enjoy. John
Suburban Charms Reach Climax
at San Pedro Terrace-By-the-Sea
No More Desirable Homesites
Are to Be Found in All California
Just a question or two:
If you can have a home of your own— at a price you can pay, at a distance you can afford to travel, where the climate is the best, the soil the richest, the view the most inspiring: — will you consider the proposition worth looking into?
We think you wilL On the assumption, we would say that just eighteen miles from the heart of San Francisco— only thirty-five minutes ride — with rapid transit by the Ocean Shore Railway, where the climate is unsurpassed, with no fog nor unpleasant gales,
where there is a magnificent beach, with warm water and excellent bathing, with an unobstructed view from all lots, is San Pedro Terrace-by-the-Sea.
Not in all the suburban community of San Francisco, growing with unprecedented strides, is there so desirable a tract in which to buy a homesite. From $250 upward lots can be obtained, and payments made in installments of only $5 a month.
Consider what this means. There is no Interest to be paid. There are no taxes. Many free improvements, such as boulevards, a casino, an esplanade, bathhouses and glass-bottomed boats, are contemplated.
Speaking of glass-bottomed boats, San Pedro-by-the-Sea is the Avalon of the North. It has all the attractions, all the advantages of its Catalina island counterpart — a sheltering headland, a safe and beautiful sandy beach, warm water and marine gardens which will
reveal all the varied and marvelous life of the deep. There is only one other coast on the beach where Barker bathhouses can be used, and these will be another attraction and an important convenience.
For many years the Hensley-Smlth Company has been engaged in selling real estate around San Francisco. By bankers, by business men in general, and by the large numbers of persons who have bought property on their recommendation, their judgment is regrarded as sound and reliable at all times. The Hensley-Smith Company, as the result of many years experience in suburban properties, recommend to their friends to avail themselves of this the greatest opportunity which it has been their good fortune to place be
fore them.
Whether you buy to build, or buy as a speculative investment, you will reap a rich profit. If you build you will obtain for yourself a home in as desirable a spot as favored California -affords, within easy access of the city, and where your wife and children can have all the advantages of the country. If you buy as an investment you secure a piece of property which will constantly and rapidly increase in value.
It will cost you so little each month— only $5 or so— that you will not miss it. Consider how often you “blow In”* a five-dollar bill. The same spent in a lot at San Pedro Terrace-by-the-Sea will make you practically independent. Be your own landlord and have a convenient suburban home.
It would take much more than a newspaper column adequately to tell the story of San Pedro Terrace-by-the-Sea. You must go there and yourself see it fully and realize its advantages. Of course, you love the sea. Everybody does that. And everybody desires a
home in the country, which he can leave at a reasonable hour in the morning and to which he can return at his convenience in the evening.
At San Pedro Terrace-by-the-Sea is found all that can attract a man who wishes to leave behind him at the close of a day’s work all the cares and distractions and noises of the city, and to have within easy access of his office a delightful spot, where nature and artifice happily co-operate to make everything wholly charming.
Soon the Ocean Shore Railway will have a great terminal station at Twelfth and Market streets in San Francisco, and from there its trains, on elevated tracks, will leave at speed approximating fifty miles an hour. The ride to San Pedro Terrace-by-the-Sea is probably the most picturesque suburban ride in America. At times the tracks are 200 feet above the breaking surf: at others almost level with the waves.
The present terminus of the Ocean Shore Railway is the San Pedro valley, and it is in the direct line of destiny of the city’s growth. A narrow valley, level as a floor, it winds its way down to the sandy beach between gently sloping hills, and the beautiful landscape of hill and valley finds appropriate expression In the name — San Pedro Terrace-by-the-Sea.
Geo. A. Bensley and R. .Masson Smith request the pleasure of your presence at
February Twenty-second and Twenty-third. Nineteen Hundred and Eight.
San Pedro Terrace by the Sea is the present terminal of the OCEAN SHORE RAILWAY, within thirty minutes of San Francisco and is its most beautiful seaside suburb, second to none on the Coast being ten degreess warmer than any other northern waters.
Music will be furnished and a specially prepared BOUILLE BAISSE LUNCHEON will be served from noon to three P. M.  Guides will be on hand to show all visitors the many points of interest in this attractive valley. Present this invitation to our representative at San Pedro Terrace by the Sea who will refund to you the amount of your transportation.
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