1945: WWII Story: Sinking of Sub (1)

from the ” Half Moon Bay Review,” 1945

“Japanese capitulation, ending World War II, has lifted the wall of military secrecy on San Mateo County’s magnificent contribution to the fighting machine of America and her allies in mankind’s greatest conflict of arms.

“It was no small part that we of the Peninsula played in winning the victory over Nazi Germany and a Japan bent on world conquest. And it was no small peril in which the the county, as key to the defense of San Francisco and the metropolitan bay area, found itself  when the foe threatened invasion of our shores in the dark years of 1941-42.

“Ships launched in South San Francisco helped beat the submarine menace in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

“Parts turned out in small factories in San Bruno, South San Francisco and San Carlos and other parts assembled in San Mateo, helped produce the miracle of radar that enabled our fighting ships to detect enemy aircraft and send up planes to intercept the foe approaching shores of our allies.

“Millions of gallons of aviation gasoline and tons of ammunition were funneled through Port Redwood City to power our Pacific aircraft and provide the shells that pounded the enemy into submission.

“A thousand other vital instruments making up the mightiest war machine in history were made here.

“Lastly, parts used in the manufacture of the most terrible weapon ever devised by man–the atomic bomb which brought on Japan’s surrender, were turned out in a San Carlos laboratory.

“Now can be revealed, too, the dire peril to our shores in the critical months after Pearl Harbor, when the U.S. military fully expected an invasion attempt in this sector.”

…to be continued…

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