1945: WWII Story: Sinking of Sub (2)

“Let us turn back to December, 1941, and the early months of 1942 when, we, as the gateway to San Francisco, faced danger. This was the picture in those critical days:

“Uncle Sam rushed all available trained troops to the defense of the west coast. Thousands of soldiers were deployed along the San Mateo County coastside, from Sharp Park to Pigeon Point. An estimated 5000 men did day and night patrol along the fog-shrouded  beaches. They were backed up by 50,000 soldiers strategically placed in Northern California, ready to be rushed here to repel an invasion attempt.

“Artillery emplacements and ack-ack guns honeycombed the coastal hills north of Half Moon Bay. Based on scientific calculation, these guns were so emplaced as to criss-cross the beaches with a deadly hail of fire in the event the Japs tried a landing.

…to be continued…

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