1945: WWII Story: Sinking of Sub (3)

“The 17th infantry regiment was the first to guard our coastal shores followed by the 125th infantry, originally a Michigan national guard outfit. The 17th was afterwards assigned to an group which saw action in Saipan and Okinawa. The 125th lost a third of its original strength in subsequent action in Italy and Europe.

“There were foxholes on the beaches and antiaircraft posts in the foothill range.

“That the enemy was in sight of San Mateo County at least once in the period when the foe was on the offensive, can be disclosed. It was one rainy morning before dawn in the winter of 1942 that the light of the moon revealed the outline of  a hostile submarine standing offshore opposite Mackey radio station, south of Half Moon Bay. Two aircraft spotters, Joseph Centoni, now a PFC in the army, and Fred Cunha saw it. Later that day they were told the craft was sunk by depth charges off Pillar Point. ”

…to be continued…

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