1945: WWII Story: Sinking of Sub (4)

“Half Moon Bay headquarters of the aircraft spotter service state they received army congratulations for reporting the sub.

“The county’s citizenry was quick to spring to home defense upon the momentary threat of invasion and bombing by Jap planes. In the months that followed Pearl Harbor some 18,000 men and women volunteered for duty as air raid wardens auxiliary firemen and policemen, messengers, aircraft spotters, etc. Many hundreds –thousands — of hours were spent at lonely lookout stations, ready to relay the message of hostile aircraft. Their ranks were swelled to the 40,000 mark in the county by those who give of their time to war services–paper and tin collection drives, blood bank service and numerous other activities.

“Permanent or semi-permanent military installations were established in our midst after the first fretful months of the war.”

…to be continued..

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