1945: Air Strip “Abandoned”

From the “Half Moon Bay Review,” 1945

“Mills field navy installations totaling $5,000,000 are to be turned over to San Francisco and 85 acres of the property will be promptly leased to Pan American Airways as its Pan-Pacific terminus.

“The explanation was made by Capt. Bernard M. Doolin, airport manager, in clarification of the navy’s announced intention to abandon its facilities at the field.

“At the same time the navy further announced it will the north of Half Moon By air strip, one of the erstwhile secret installations of the war.

“Both actions are expected to take place by June 1946.

“According to earlier agreements, Doolin said, the navy has agreed to hand over to the city property and $5,000,000 of improvements within two years after the war. The contract for  lease of the acreage to Pan American has already been signed.

“The arrangement was unique, said Doolin, and was done because the city wanted Treasure Island as an airport and the navy demanded it as a base. The army made similiar use of the field with the same understanding. The government paid for $10,000,000  worth of improvement, Doolin said. In November, San Francisco taxpayers will vote on a $20,000,000 bond issue to complete the Mills Field expansion program.

“Installations at Treasure Island, declared surplus, meanwhile, will either be offered to another naval bureau or air operations will be reduced,  said  naval spokesman.

“Local naval authorities were unable to disclose disposition of the Coastside air strip, which is operated as an auxiliary to the Alameda base….”

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