1966: At Odds Over The Pillar Point Breakwater (1)

From the Half Moon Bay Review, September 1966

“The county government and the San Mateo County Harbor Commission are at odds over a master plan for the Pillar Point breakwater area, press reports from Redwood City said today.

“The board of supervisors expressed concern about reports that new buildings are planned by the Harbor Commission before a master plan is adopted.

“But harbor commission chairman Sigval¬† B. Johnson said a continuation of buildings already planned is proposed. He said a master plan is under study, and no further development of the harbor will be possible until work at the breakwater entrance is completed.

“The subject was brought up by Supervisor James V. Fitzgerald. He said a number of people from the area are concerned about ‘concrete blockhouses lining the beaches.’

“‘That area,¬† which is a beautiful area, should be developed to its best potential,’ Fitzgerald commented.”

…to be continued…

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