Desperately Seeking the “San Juan”


(Photos, at L-R Fran “Brother Buzz” Young & the “San Juan” commuter ship that came to a tragic end in 1929.)

If you’ve been following this story, with the help of generous experts, Fran “Brother Buzz” Young hopes to find and bring up the historic San Juan from the sea…..

“June, Here is the latest from the ‘Survey Folks’

Hey Fran-
Here’s an update on where we’re at: I believe the motor issue we had on the “VT” is fixed, but the problem now is that our primary vessel captain, Bill, is out of commission for a bit. Our Director, is our other captain, and right now things are a bit busy for both he and I as the semester has just started and we have classes to teach. We WILL get out there ASAP and do the San Juan search- worry not. Sooner than later. And feel free to ping me anytime to see what we’re up to.

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