Alvin Hatch Chats About the Princeton Inn



(Alvin Hatch’s father was engaged in the sawmill business near “Hatch’s Woods” south of Half Moon Bay. A local school is named after the family. Alvin (now gone) went on to become a county supervisor, and, at one point, the owner of the historic Princeton Inn.)

Here he’s talking with county librarian Richard Schellen (now gone.)

AH: Maybe it was 1930 when I sold it [the Princeton Inn] to Bill Large. I don’t recall exactly, but I do remember it was a complicated deal, and I wound up the loser. Frank F. Brophy built the main building originally, and I got into the picture somehow–anyway, I managed the place for a while. At that time the annex, which was farther to the left on the picture you have [note: next to the creek, where the parking lot is now] and moved over to join the main building. There were some financial dealings, and I wound up paying $2500 for the place; I sold it for $500.

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