1960s: Doelger Engineer Tells Development Plans

at Improvement Club Meeting

Story from Half Moon Bay Review, 1960s

“‘We may have to divide the area (of Doeger’s development) into two water districts,’ said Jack H. Dovey, program director of the engineering firm of Wilsey, Ham and Blair, to the Montara Sanitary District board last Friday night. His reply was to a question from board member Hughes M. Blowers. Dovey had previously stated, ‘This is really a problem., and we’re still studying the suppliers. At the present time it doesn’t look as if the Doelger development can be completely served by one district.’

“Asked by Blowers why the initial development was at the lower end of the airport, Dovey replied, ‘Many reasons. Closeness to recreational facilities, especially the harbor, which is a big attraction; availability utilities, ; level land, and its location at the end of the new freeway.’ Dovey did not elaborate on ‘availability of utilities.’ He also mentioned the desirability of a bridge across Cabrillo highway connecting the new homes to the harbor.

“Queried¬† by board member Knute Kleinen [ed. I rented my first house from him in El Granada] if natural gas would be provided for the new development opposite the airport, Dovey replied that it was active consideration by P G and E,¬† most likely from the easterly direction…..”

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