1945: Slain Sea Lions Strew County Coastline

Story from the Half Moon Bay Review

The year was 1945

“Professional fishermen on the Coastside have turned hunters and their accuracy is costing the county a headache.

“The anglers are ‘knocking off’ the seals and sea lions that have been crimping their living by stealing fish from their nets–even pilfering their catch while they are hauling in their nets.

“Some time ago, following appeals of the fishermen, the state legalized the shooting of the culprit seals and sea lions. The fishermen have been packing their trusty arms since–and likely are getting some help from lovers of the sport of hunting.

“The beaches between Miramar and Pillar Point reveal that the fishermen are also good hunters. Last week, 38 dead seals and sea lions were strewn on the beach.

“The county’s headache is in “getting rid” of the dead mammals. They weigh 450 pounds each and it costs the county nearly $10 to bury each one.

“Maurice Rothchild, sanitarian of the county health and welfare department, said that his department was appealing to the board of supervisors for funds to defray expenses incurred in burying the mammals. He said the department had already used up in excess of $500 and that no funds had been allocated for the work.”

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