1970s: Voice of the Coast was the Alternative Paper

I had all the issues of the “Voice of the Coast,” an alternative paper published in the 1970s but I passed them on, and hope they’re in good hands.

Today I think we might consider “Voice of the Coast” a “green newspaper.” There were articles about conservation and recycling, with the greatest criticism reserved for the expansion of Pillar Point Harbor.

Folded inside a file, I found a stray news-sheet from the “Voice of the Coast” containing a few ads, and a piece about an important Harbor Commission meeting (see below).

Hard to read? The print’s a bit small so I will tell you what it says.

Do you remember the “Abalone Shop,” owned by legendary fisherman John Koep. His brother, Michael Koep is the author of the “Fisherman’s Son,” a novel based on life at Princeton-by-the-Sea.

I used to buy fresh fish from Michael’s wife who worked at the Abalone Shop.

The middle ad reads: “Get it all together at the Half Moon Bay Lumber Company.”

The ad to the right says: H-M-B ENCO Emergency Road Service, Corner Hwy 1 and San Mateo Road.

On the “Bulletin Board,” I found one request for “Birdwatchers.” There was a phone number for a  babysitter, tutoring services,  odd job seeker, free kittens and a free baby crib. If you lost a watch in Half Moon Bay, somebody found it.

Advertising in the “Voice of the Coast,” cost $1 for 27 typed letters or numbers or symbols.


From “Voice of the Coast,” 1970s

“Outside, All was Darkness”

By Kent Dedrick

(coming soon)

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