Crab Landing…..The Restaurant

I have been to Crab Landing, golly, half a dozen times now. With different people and they all love it. Most of my guests have been out of town but they love the restaurant.

Because of my delicate digestion (to being a caregiver for many times) I have been ordering the San Francisco Crab which is fresh and delicious.

But it’s not just that…I can’t get over the fact that someone has taken the care and detail to give us, Coastsiders, and “outsiders” such a beautiful place to dine. It is worth it to just walk in and look around, even if you don’t sit down for a meal. And think about the people who spent the time designing the restaurant. It isn’t just about money.

I also notice that longtime friend, Carol, is opening a bookstore in the mall. How exciting! She is an artist and has an eye for good stuff.

To do this, takes time, sure, money, but there’s much more involved. We were not given restaurants and places to stay overnight without genuine thought and caring. Go look for yourself.

Yes, dearly beloved Princeton- by- the- Sea is changing. But isn’t it changing for the better?

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