Portuguese Water Dogs….Go to Mavericks

I have seen several Portuguese Water Dogs on the trail to Mavericks.

Have you walked the trail from the parking trail to the beach?

It’s a small parking lot, and quickly fills on a warmish day. Most folks bring their dogs and that’s when I saw my first Portuguese Water Dog.

The trail is something you must experience. In the beginning the sounds are quiet, maybe some local birds tweeting, but as you reach the ocean everything changes. The sound changes and grows louder, a completely different experience in sound.

All of sudden, you’re at the beach and the ocean is talking to you. And, I’m not trying to be corny, but the wave-sound confirms you are alive.

As the lady-model on tv who pushes one of the American cars, I think it’s Mercury: “You gotta put Mercury [Mavericks] on your list. Bring your Portuguese Water Dog!

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