Here’s the Plan

Lunch at Crab Landing (you can sit inside or out)

Coffee, goodies & gelato at Mezza Luna Cafe (you sit inside or out)

Go to Carol’s new bookstore and there are several new stores open, I am afraid I forgot to their names, but I will.

Before or after lunch and desert, take a walk down Harvard Avenue. Go to Maverick’s Surf Shop. Have an adventure. If you walk further toward the “Golf Ball” you will end up on the trail to famous Mavericks with the 70 foot tall waves (but you can only see those in the winter). Otherwise there’s a lovely beach with lots of sound and if its low tide, reefs and rocks to play on.

Bring your dog or doggie. They love the quiet bay (before the ocean). There’s a sweet beach there, the one where the dogs play. So much fun!

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