I remain impressed that somebody would

build such beautiful places to go in Princeton-by-the-Sea. People like to go to new places, they do. 

All of the places. You are truly nuts if you have not checked it out at Princeton. I’m referring to the malcontents nearby.

People put money out to build lovely places for us to enjoy, to eat, to drink, to look at Carol’s new bookshop. Have you seen it? She’s an artist, too. 

I admit it, I used to hate every new building that popped up on the Coastside, and in Princeton.

I don’t really like whatever it is going up in front of El Granada Market, blocking sensational views for the average walker or biker or driver. Are views like that a right? Well, then we’ll get into private ownership, etc. and I can’t win the argument. 

As a sidelight, did you know that the same man who built the gorgeous long gone Palace Miramar Hotel at Miramar also built El Granada Market. There’s something to contemplate.Have you ever noticed the views from the market’s windows? Shockingly beautiful. I use the word “shockingly” because we are losing so many natural images of the sea.

But I do appreciate and admire people who do good things. Sure one day soon it will all be a great success in Princeton and those folks seeking seclusion and hideouts will find new ones That’s ok.

. Meanwhile, you gotta admit what was built in Princeton is really nice. And it was for us. For us. 



 Walk through there. Mezza Luna Cafe: HOT. Real Italians work there. They make their own Gelato!

Crab Landing: HOT. Nice waiters/waitresses. Fresh crab. Views.

The Oceano Hotel is really nice. The details are inspiring. It takes time and effort and great care  to develop such good plans. 

Here’s lunch my friend had at Crab Landing:


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