Patroni House: I just had the most fun

conversation with one of the Patroni kids. Now an adult, of course. He was there during the famous post- WWII tsunami.  I will be talking to him and getting more detail, and I’ll share everything I learn with you. 

There was the Patroni House, a famous roadhouse of the 1920s, and in the 1970s the Shorebird Restaurant opened followed by the always crowded Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. 

Oh—he said behind the HMB Brewing Company there are some old trees and that was home to a chicken coop!  No chickens back there today but whenever I drive by, and I am not doing public relations for the Brewing Co., the place is alive  and booming. You can sit inside or outside so when I drive by I see the people at the tables outside, in very casual attire, having the best time. 


More later…

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