Elegant Cheese Cakes

I gave 3 different memorials at my home for Burt Blumert after his recent death. At two of them, I went way overboard and bought a small cheese cake from Elegant Cheese Cakes in Princeton, It’s a big splurge, but I loved Burt and thought he loved me, too. I wanted to serve his admirers the very best.  



One of the cakes looked like the image  above, and, I cannot find the words to describe the most heavenly slice of cake I have ever had in my life. After performing the very difficult tasks of Hospice for Burt, I wasn’t eating at all. Food was the last thing on my mind. Burt was the first and only thing on my mind.

This cheese cake tasted so good to me. I thought, after having lost so much weight, that any chocolate or cake would be too “rich” for me to digest. Not so with this cheese cake!

 If you have some extra bucks for a special event, I can highly recommend the cheese cake at Elegant Cheese Cakes.

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