Thank Yous to Sam’s Chowder House & Carol’s New Bookstore in Princeton

Sam’s Chowder House on Highway One is very “hot,” by  which I mean if you are a people-watcher, this is your kind of place. I knew the owner, Paul, from other restaurants he was involved with in Half Moon Bay. Everything Paul touches turns into a success. He’s got the formula down.

Sam’s was the location of Ida’s  Seafood Restaurant, unforgettable for its merry band of characters, and Ida’s had moved her popular place several times from locations around Princeon, ending up where Sam’s is today. But Paul has done such a remarkable remodeling job that Ida’s image has been buried and Sam’s Chowder House has made its mark. The views are bigger than life, the scene youtful and upbeat. Often, you can’t even get in, but you could walk on the beautiful beach below and wait for a reservation to open up.

Here’s what I’m getting around to:  Sam’s has opened a gift shop and my book,Princeton by the Sea, published by Arcadia, is available for sale. Wow. Thank ou. I’m a local author and it’s great to know that my work is in Sam’s Gift Shop. Thank you again; I practically live across the street. Go—you’ll love it.

At the new indoor mall at Princeton-by-the-Sea there’s  a bookstore owned by artist and bookstore lover, Carol Bremmen. (Carol, I hope I spelled your last name correctly. Please let me know if I did not.) I love this bookstore. She has books, obviously, including my Princeton book, of course, but she also displays local art, including her own. I loved buying a couple of her pieces and talked to Linda Montalto Patterson about acquiring her work, which was also on display. Linda also does “wedding vows” at her beautiful home overlooking the sea in Miramar.

At Carol’s bookstore, there are unique cards made by local artists ,and it’s fun walking around the harbor area, where fishing boats and fancy yachts stand shoulder-to-shoulder.

Yes, it’s not the old Princeton we were used to. It’s changed with the times. That’s what is happening now. Crab Landing Restaurant is a delightful place to introduce friends to, What some of my more critical friends have objected to is the look of the restaurant from the outside, but once inside they appreciate  the detail work put into Crab Landing.

Me, a lover of good architecture, has to admit that all of it, is much better than what we all feared. Locals, please take a close look and realize that somebody put their money into this project. It’s quite impressive.

Crab Landing, followed by coffee and homemade gelato at Mezza Luna Cafe and a walk through the mall, which isn’t filled yet, but it has such a desireable look that it will b soone. The mall opens onto the Oceano Hotel, which has a cozy bar and other interesting details.

And you can aways toward Mavericks and discover more of what’s happening in Princeton which will be a big success.

Personally, the weather around her become too sunny for my tastes: I do long for the fog that used to be hallmark. It’s sunny almost the time ow.

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