What I just did

Well, my cousin came to visit, and we had breakfast at Crab Landing. This was my first breakfast in a very long time and I almost finished the eggs benedict.

While I don’t like the architecture of the Crab Landing from the outside, it’s really cool inside with harbor views and good food. My cousin would definitely come back with her friends.

We were on a tight schedule, but I wanted her to see the charming Mezza Luna Cafe, where I would have liked to buy the homemade Gelato, but went for the chocolate cookies instead. I just had one—and as advertised by the clerk–really good.

My cous is familiar with the bigger Mezza Luna located in the historic Princeton Hotel nearby—but while the cafe is related to it’s bigger brother, it’s specializes in coffee drinks and goodies, and I mean goodies,” to enjoy with the specialty coffee drinks. More than once I’ve explained to friends, yes, the other Mezza Luna is still here–this is the cafe.

She said, “I bet it will be crowded here during the summer.” She was glad it was foggy this morning because there weren’t as many people at the Crab Landing when we got there about 10:30 a.m. By the time we left, the people were “pouring” in. Really.

After the Mezza Luna Cafe, I showed her the indoor mall because fellow El Granandian Carol Breem’s new bookstore. I love this bookstore; I’m a major book reader, it’s true, but she has the most creative cards I’ve ever seen. To send written messages. She carries cards created by local artists and they are so cool. I’m always so proud to bring a friend in her store–and my cousin was impressed. (We both bought cards.)

And, it looks like new stores are opening up in the mall. It’s close to home and fun to walk through there, to the harbor, to the Ketch, to Barbara’s, and the best is to walk all the way to Mavericks.

It’s so close to my home. How lucky could I (we) be?

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