1927: “Save the Princeton Beach”

1927: “Save the Princeton Beach” from the “Half Moon Bay Review”

“There is one of the prettiest and best and safest for bathing on the Pacific Coast in front of Granada and Princeton, that is very likely to be lost to the thousands of motorists that visit this point of San Mateo county annually. All on account of the recent heavy storms, that washed away the bluffs. The heavy seas washed away the ground in a number of places up to and in some places far under the Coastside boulevard, making it necessary for automobiles and other vehicles to detour.

“In our issue of last week we published a report made by the road viewers, which showed that the majority of people living on the Coastside wished to have the Coastside boulevard left where it is, and to have a retaining wall of rock built on the beach for the highway’s future protection.

“This will undoubtedly cost considerable money to complete, but to save this beach for the public by making it easily accessible will be worth many times the cost to the county.

“[Dante] Dianda and  [John] Patroni, Princeton residents, have offered to donate to the county the necessary amount of land needed for constructing the highway as near as possible to its present location.”


1927: “Santa Cruz Road Has Detour”

“One-mile detour, rather rough and muddy, around a washout near Princeton, was reported by the touring bureau of the California State Automobile Association in a route report of the coast road to Santa Cruz. Paved or graded road prevails from Colma to the foot of Pedro Mountain, thence it is a little rough over the mountain to Montara.

“Beyond the detour good highway continues to Tunitas followed by somewhat rough conditions to Santa Gregorio. Thereafter the road is good except that the dirt stretch between Waddell creek and Swanton is muddy after rains.”


1927: “Dumbarton Bridge And The Coastside”

“Now that the Dumbarton vehicle bridge has been opened to the traveling public, it is time for the coastside to let the people residing in the valleys, know about our beautiful beaches, and our cool climate during the summertime. The Dumbarton bridge saves considerable time in automobile travel to and from the two great valleys of California. So advertise our wonderland–and if you have friends in the valleys encourage them to come and spend their summer vacation on the Coastside of San Mateo County.”

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