Mich: “Every day was fun at the Crab Cottage!”

Story by Mich

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Hi June,

 I finally found the pics of Crab/Cottage/Princeton!!…see attached.

 the people in the photos are…..

 Outside the Crab Cottage, Noah Smith (Leah’s dad) in Greek Fisherman’s cap, and Warren who had the Nissen hut next door.




Inside the Crab cottage, me in white apron, Noah’s wife Marjorie and a friend of their’s whose name I cannot remember.  Every day was fiun in the Crab!!!!



The first picture was taken from outside the Princeton Inn, with Tom’s Market on the left and looking towards the ‘Shorebird’.  I’ll send another pic, a postcard of Princeton looking down from the top of the hills towards Pillar Point and Princeton in my next mail.  They were all taken in around Christmas 1976, due to the Poinsettias in the window! 


Hope you find good use for them in your next newsletter.

Best wishes,



Hi again June…here is the postcard I mentioned in the last mail.  Also, the view from Princeton Inn (in last mail) was actually taken from inside, (where we were living at the time, so that must be in 1975-6, because we moved into the ‘Ship’s Chandlery’ house after that (behind Tom’s Market).



Best wishes,


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