1945: Bios of the Princeton Packers Cannery Owners

There were several owners of Princeton Packers; here’s a little info on A.M. Patrick from the Half Moon Bay Review, 1945

“”Ending 20 years with F.E. Booth Company, A.M. Patrick, San Francisco production manager, who recently submitted his resignation, is President and Manager of the newly organized Princeton Packers. He is a native of Berkeley. Patrick lived in Pittsburg until two years ago when he was promoted from superintendent to production manager.

“‘Pat’ as he likes to be called by his friends lives in Berkeley, with his wife and two daughters, Margaret and Kathleen.

“William M. Wilson, former accounting department employee of Columbia Steel was transferred to the Booth firm about two years ago.

“With the Booth plant oil refinery department in Pittsburg only two years, Wilson worked for Columbia Steele Company’s accounting department about 15 years. He makes his home in Half Moon Bay with his wife and three children, William, James and Sally Ann.

“Vincent Carusa is the father of three sons and a daughter. Vincent has two children in service, Corporal Irving Carusa in the Aleutian area 18 months, and Bernice Carusa, a yeoman, third class in the WAVES, based at San Francisco. Walter Carusa is married and makes his home in Pittsburg, Calif., while Stephen Carusa, is a student at St. Mary’s College, following his recent graduation from Pittsburg High School. He expects to enter service on his 18th birthday.

“Vincent and his brother Steve Carusa founded several of the Pittsburg’s business firms and were responsible for Pittsburg’s first mortuary, dray business and ice and fuel plant; the latter of which they sold to Union Ice Company in 1934.

“Steve, and his brother, Vincent, who pioneered several of the Pittsburg’s major business firms, are stockholders in the corporation, as is James J. Davi, owners of James Jewelers, and now in Coast Guard services, based in Alameda. James Jewelers is now being operated by his wife, the former Victoria Daniele.”

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