1945: Princeton Packers Constructing $150,000 Cannery Here

Seven Pittsburg Men Form Fish Cannery Co. for Half Moon Bay

1945, Half Moon Bay Review

“The Princeton Packers, recently organized by seven Pittsburg men, has started construction of a Fish Canning Plant at Princeton-by-the-Sea, Half Moon Bay, which will cost, when completed, more than $150,000, and will have this cannery in full operation by August 1st, so they will be able to can sardines during this season. The cannery will be able to pack 3,000 cases of sardines, or about 200 tons of fish daily.

“The canning building will be 60 x 140 feet, and equipped with the latest machinery.

“The fish used by the company will be brought in by suction pumps from the fishing boats into the old warehouse, now standing, which will be used as a cutting room and from there into the main canning room.

“Besides the main building and the cutting room, a building 50 x 60 feet will be erected and will be used exclusively in caring for the by-products of fresh fish, after they have been prepared for canning. The by-products will be made into fish oil and fertilizer.

“Sardines will be the principal product of Princeton Packers although the cannery may expand later to handle other products.

“Approximately 100 persons will be required to operate the plant and personnel will be recruited among Half Moon Bay and vicinity residents.

“A.M. Patrick, President and Manager of the Princeton Packers, said, ‘Government orders will absorb most of the sardine pack handled by the company.’

“Name of Princeton Packers was derived from the town of Princeton, near Half Moon Bay, William M. Wilson revealed.

“We hear that the [Henry] Cowell wharf, now owned by the new company, will be extended 150 feet, making the pier extending in the bay 600 feet.”

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